Wealth management and financial advisory company with a strong commitment to the local community

About us


With our extensive experience in wealth creation, financial advisory, and property management, combined with the passion we share for our local community, we provide leading edge property concierge services on the Mid North Coast.

We have a database of qualified and reliable tradespeople who can help with anything from handyman repairs to major renovations and construction.


Let us help you take the hard work out of investing. Our experienced team of financial and wealth creation experts can help guide you through the property investing process.

We Understand Property

Property is our passion – it's what we do 24x7. Our business is backed by years of experience in property maintenance, property renovations, and property development projects. We think strategically in all that we do, and always act with a strong focus on the end customer experience.

We Understand You

Our business exists because of you, and we understand the value of your assets and your time – it's one of the reasons we exist. Our team of experts work behind the scenes to ensure that the process is seamless and smooth, while our customer care team keep you fully informed along the way. And because we've built such strong relationships with trades and services on the Mid North Coast, you can be confident that the work will be done for you on time and on budget.

We Manage Trades

We've built a team of quality tradespeople–proven and qualified trades who are skilled and reliable, and who also understand the need for work that is delivered on time and on budget. Combine this with our years of experience managing projects of all shapes and sizes, means that you can sit back and relax, while you leave the hard work to us.


Ideal Property Concierge was born from a need to bring better customer service to the property maintenance and property renovation industry.  By bringing together qualified quality trades, and tracking everything throughout the process with state of the art technology, we provide the missing link and smooth the process between the trades, the investor, and the tenant.